Here are a few tips to help you locate and dig the correct cover on your septic tank.

  • Look for the 4″ sewer pipe running from your toilet and shower to the outside wall of your home. Usually your tank is 8 to 15′ from the exit point of the sewer pipe.
  • Perhaps you have noticed an area outside where snow melts each winter usually it is within the 8 to 15′ range. This is a good place to start. Use a bar to probe the ground and locate the four corners of the tank.
  • A septic tank is approximately 8′ long by 5′ wide and has three different covers. However, some tanks are longer and can be plastic making it more difficult to locate.
  • Maine Septic & Pumping asks that you locate and dig the center cover to allow us to properly clean your tank and remove the solids.
  • Care should be taken if you have a pump with your septic system. Underground electrical wiring will be present and could be a potential hazard. If you have a pump chamber this cover should also be located and dug so it may be pumped at the time of our service.
  • If you are experiencing slow drains and if the digging is fairly easy you might consider digging all of the tank covers. Exposing all of the covers would allow us to check your inlet area to clear any solids that may be restricting the flow. It would also allow us to clearly see your outlet baffle to make sure it is secure.

Call our office if you have any questions while locating your tank. Maine Septic & Pumping can also locate and dig your cover for you.